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Please view the In-Home Meal Prep FAQ before scheduling a consultation so we are able to answer any additional questions.

For In-Home Meal Prep, what is the process?

1. Schedule a consultation
2. Discuss details with your chef
3. Pick a day that works for you and your chef’s schedule
4. Personalized menu is designed by chef
5. Client picks items for the week
6. Chef fills your cart
7. Groceries are delivered
8. Chef arrives
9. Weekly meal prep begins


How does ordering groceries work?

We will set up an instacart or online cart and your chef will fill the cart. As the client, you review the cart, add or remove what you need then click order. If there are any missing items, please notify your Chef. We will have to make an additional order. If you’re comfortable, you may give permission to your Chef to shop in the store provided they show you a receipt. Reimbursement will be added to your invoice.
The Chef can provide an ingredient list for Client and the Client may shop for the Chef.


How long does it take the Chef to cook in my home?

Depending on what is ordered and the level of experience your Chef has, it can range between 2-5 hours.


How often does my Chef come?

Depending on what you are needing as an individual or family, it all depends on your need for service as the client. We recommend consuming food no more than four days after your Chef prepares your food.


How often do I receive a new menu?

Your Chef will provide you with a new menu weekly. Please send your choices within 24 hours out of courtesy so your cart can be filled in a timely manner.


How can I trust my Chef?

All Chefs are background chefs, insured and bonded. We train each Chef and focus on professionalism while pairing them carefully with each client. We do this so company protocol is followed and appropriate conduct is carried out.


What is included in the hourly rate of my Chef?

Meal Planning, Filling cart or shopping in store, in home cooking, storing food in containers, and cleaning.


What would be the best containers to purchase or use?

We recommend glass Pyrex containers for a safety and environmental approach. They are easy to clean and can heat up in the microwave or in the oven. Tupperware works as well.


How long does it take to reheat the meal prep?

The recommendation for reheat depends on your preference. Most clients like to use the oven. If you use the oven, we recommend 400F for 10 minutes or until you reach an internal temperature of 165F.
If using the microwave, we recommend 1-2 minutes, stirring occasionally, until you reach an interdental temperature of 165F.


Is it ok to have dishes in the sink even if the Chef is doing dishes as they are cooking?

For the most efficient service, it is best to have your kitchen cleaned and accessible to the Chef. If your Chef notices dishes are being left, there will be a cleaning fee applied to your weekly invoice.


What is the rate per hour for the in-home Chef service?

$50 per hour which includes meal planning, filling cart or shopping in store, in home cooking, storing food in containers, and cleaning.


Where is this service offered?

We service central Columbus and most suburbs up to 25 miles outside of central Columbus to the home of our clients.


Where is the food prepared?

This service is provided in-home and in your kitchen. Our clients must have basic cooking equipment. Our Chefs will also bring their own tools as they see fit.


What is basic cooking equipment?

Basic cooking equipment includes but is not limited to pots and pans, cutting board, knives, mixing bowls, oven, spatula, tongs, spoons, etc.


What if I want to cancel service?

A two-week notice is required. If you would like to cancel immediately, there will be a fee applied.

For Delivery, do I choose the time that I am being delivered to?

No, we route our drivers the most efficient way. We deliver between 5:30-7:30 PM on Sunday and Wednesday. If there any delays, we will reach out to those who have placed orders. If you need special accommodations, please contact us.


I need to cancel my order, how do I go about doing that?

If you need to cancel an order, please contact We will need a 48 hour notice. If your notice is less than 48 hours of your delivery, a refund or credit will not be given.


Where do you deliver to?

  1. We deliver to the central Columbus metropolis, within a 20 mile radius. If you are seeking shipped meal prep, we do not offer this service due to possible food spoilage. Feel free to reach out, we may be able to accommodate in a different way. 
  2. If you are seeking meal prep in Cleveland or Cincinnati, we will make a special trip for you but a travel fee will apply. A minimum of 15 meals applies.
  3. What is the delivery fee for Columbus?
    1. For Central Ohio, we require a $10 delivery fee. This fee is subject to change based on location of delivery.


What if I am not home, how do I know my food is safe to eat?

Our drivers will knock then drop off your meal if there is not an answer. If you would like to make arrangements, please contact us. However, we ask that you be home between the hours of our delivery window. 

Are Meal Plans refundable?

No, meal plans are not refundable.


What if I want a personalized meal plan?

Please set up a phone consultation and we will walk you through the steps. 


Are meal plans specific to one person?

No, meal plans are suggestions and guides to help give ideas to our clients so cooking your meals is not so boring. Everyone is different with lots of variables that make them unique. If you would like a personalized plan, please contact us.

What should the client know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees, gift cards)?

  1. For Events: we charge an hourly rate plus groceries but the hourly ranges differ depending on a few variables. A consultation is required to book.We take our work seriously and we hope you do, too!
  2. For In Home Meal Prep, we charge an hourly rate of $50 per hour for meal planning, cart filling or grocery shopping, prep time, cook time and storing food along with cleaning. Hourly Rate is subject to change.
  3. For Delivery, prices are found under the weekly meal prep tab. A delivery fee of $10 will apply and tax.
  4. Fee Charges: 
    1. Late Fee: For all outstanding invoices, there will be a $25 fee applied past due date. 
    2. Cancellation Fee: For services and events, our Chefs take time to prepare for your service or event. The best way to take care of our employees, The Taste You Can See collects a cancellation fee of $250.
    3. Consultation Fee: Inquiring for an event and creating menus takes time from our Chefs. Regardless if you decide to book or kindly decline, there will be a $25 fee required to book your consultation.
    4. Last Minute Fee: Booking an event the week of the event date. Booked means a non-refundable deposit is received in full. Please see the next question for further information about non-refundable deposits, cancellations and rescheduling.
    5. Travel Fee: If we service you outside of central Ohio, the client will be charged a travel fee at $.56/per mile. This includes to and from the service location and any additional stops pertaining to your event. 
      1. Example: Business retreats may need additional visits to grocery stores based on client needs. 
  5. Discounts
    1. There will be discount codes available. They can be found by following our social media sites and joining our email list.
  6. Gift Cards
    1. Please view our shop for a digital gift card purchase


What are the terms of a nonrefundable deposit?

  1. Terms of Non Refundable Deposit for Events: A non refundable deposit is the first installment toward your service. The deposit covers holding your space on the calendar, time, location and details. The deposit also covers all food , additional equipment used, rented or reserved expenses to make your event a success that will be purchased regardless of cancellation or reschedule. No reimbursement will be issued.
    1. Ice Sculptures: No reimbursement whatsoever
  2. Rescheduling For Events: We understand things happen and instead of canceling, we recommend rescheduling. If the day and time is available, events and services can be rescheduled. If you reschedule less than 48 hours and food was purchased and prepared. Clients will be charged a waste fee to cover the loss and will cover the food cost for their rescheduled date. The waste fee will be the amount of their original event deposit regardless of reason. 
  3. Cancellation For Events: If there is a cancellation on behalf of the client, there will be no reimbursement of any monies and a cancellation fee will apply of $250. If Covid is involved, please see rescheduling terms. 


Will clients be in contract with The Taste You Can See?

Yes. From now on, there will be documentation signed in order to work with The Taste You Can See for all services.

How do I book an event?

Schedule a consultation and discuss your details.


Do you provide packages?

No, each event is designed specific to needs of the client


Do you provide tables, linens, chairs, plates, napkins and venue?

No. Venue is separate and the responsibility of our client. We do not provide tables or chairs. We do work with other local small businesses and can help point you in the right direction.
We do have plates, napkins, silverware and other table decor options but they are added to your quote.


Do we pay for a tasting?

Yes, a tasting is added to your quote if and only if you request. We have to create a separate day and time outside of your event to accommodate. Tastings are usually booked for small weddings. If you’d like one for your social or small event, please be sure to request.


Are deposits refundable?

No, they are not


What is the COVID Policy and Protocal at The Taste You Can See?

If you have guests who are no longer attending, you still will pay for the amount of expected guests because that is what The Taste You Can See has prepared for.
If the client is exposed and can not host the event, we will reschedule the day and time as long as it is available. Cancellation Fees will apply. Deposit will not be refunded.
If the service provider is exposed and can not prepare and attend the event we will do our best to accommodate and hold the date, time and all details. Sometimes this is out of our hands and must abide by CDC, Federal and Local guidelines to ensure safety for our client and their guests. We will reschedule. Deposit will not be refunded.
If our client requests that our team is vaccinated, we believe that everyone has the freedom to choose what they want to do with their bodies and has freedom of choice. We will ensure proof of negative test results but will not provide proof of vaccine due to privacy policies. Masks may be worn and/or may be required during the time of the event per government issue but clients must communicate their preference prior to the event booking.
If you are a small event and there has been exposure, we can arrange a delivery or reschedule. Deposit will not be refunded.

What types of clients have we worked with?

We have had the pleasure of working with just about anyone from all backgrounds. We have an all inclusive service. Please understand that we take pride in learning and getting to know all of our clients. We are looking for long lasting relationships. 


What advice would we give to a potential client looking to hire The Taste You Can See?

  1. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance: Communicating your needs is the best way to avoid disappointment on your service day. We want to share your vision and exceed your expectation as our client. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts.
  2. Creating a Budget: If you have a budget and an idea of what you do not want to monetarily exceed, please be prepared before booking a consultation. As professional, we take serious steps in offering the best. 
  3. Give Feedback:We are honored to provide service to our clients. We ask all clients to give honest feedback. The feedback of our clients is highly valued. If you are unsatisfied with any service or experience, please reach out to us. We would love to do our best at resolving any concerns our clients may have.



What questions should clients think through before talking to professionals about their project?

  1. Do you value your time? Will hiring someone allow you to free up time and utilize it elsewhere while other areas of your life are accomplished?
  2. Do you work well with others even if I am hiring them?
  3. How do I want my event to be perceived?
  4. What do I want my event to look like?
  5. Is this something I want to do more than one time?
  6. Do you have a budget? 
  7. Do you know what you want?
  8. Message to Client: Please place yourself in the shoes of the professional you are inquiring services about. A place of understanding and willingness to work with your professional will make for a greater experience for all parties involved. Please respond promptly and professionally. If you have a budget, please include in your description. Communication must be clear and concise. If you want to make changes, please be understanding that some changes may not be accommodated due to time constraints, however, we strive to create a positive, unforgettable experience.

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